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The first thing to do is plug it into an appropriate 12V or 120V outlet and let it boot up for a minute or two. Once the status LEDs stop flashing, look at the list of available WiFi networks the device you are using can identify. How you do this will depend on whether you are using a Windows computer, a Mac, a smartphone, a tablet, an iPad or another device. The list of networks should now look something like the following screenshot (which was taken from a computer running Windows 10).

Screen Shot 2019 08 15 at 2.50.28 PM



Notice there is now a network that has WiFiRanger in its name (what’s called its SSID). This is your new Ranger. Notice the four numbers in the Ranger’s SSID; the numbers displayed in the screenshot will be different from what you see on your screen. The numbers will be the last four digits of your Ranger’s serial number, which is a six-digit number. You can find this number on the packing materials that came with your Ranger or on a sticker on the side of your unit.

The next thing to do is click on the CONNECT button displayed in the screenshot (For other types of devices there will be an equivalent link to click.) As the connection is being made you will be asked to provide the Ranger’s password. For your brand-new WiFiRanger, the password will be “changemenowABCD” where ABCD, again, is the last four digits of your Ranger’s serial number, the same numbers you saw in its SSID. After entering the password correctly, you should see (on a Windows 10 computer) the CONNECT button will change to DISCONNECT, which indicates you are properly connected to the Ranger’s WiFi broadcast. (Similar changes will occur on the screens of other types of devices). Once connected, it may say something like “connected, no internet” or “secured, no internet,” this is normal.

The final step is to display the Ranger’s Control Panel on your device. To do that you will need to open your browser (Chrome, or Safari work best for this). At the top of your browser’s window go to the line where internet addresses appear. In that bar enter the following characters 10.1AB.CD.1:8080

where ABCD is, as before, the last four digits of your WiFiRanger’s serial number. As soon as you press the ENTER key the display will change to:

Assuming you’ve done everything correctly, your browser’s screen should now be filled with the main page of the Ranger’s control panel which should look something like this:

Screen Shot 2019 08 15 at 2.51.08 PM



Congratulations you have successfully connected to your new WiFiRanger!


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