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A VPN (Virtual Private Network) encrypts information and places it in a virtual “tunnel” which is extremely difficult to intercept from the outside. Many businesses use VPNs for employees who must access the company’s internal network from a remote location. There are several fee-based commercial VPN services that enable subscribers to create VPNs between themselves and locations on the service’s network.

SafeSurfTM provides free access to a VPN to all WiFiRanger users if they choose to use it. Operation of SafeSurf is controlled by the button on the bottom of the Main Page of the Ranger’s Control Panel.

The VPN tunnel created by SafeSurf exists between the user’s Ranger and WiFiRanger’s servers in Idaho. You normally won’t notice any change in your ability to access sites on the internet, but some location-sensing websites may erroneously assume you are physically in Idaho. In most cases, this should have a little impact on your work. Operating through a VPN may also slightly reduce your download and upload speeds because of the longer “path” your data is traveling. Normally, this speed reduction is small and won’t be noticed.

For Safe Surf to operate properly, it is necessary that a “Check for Updates” link be displayed in blue text in the upper right corner of the Control Panel’s main page. If that message is not being displayed and, instead, the words “Cloud Disconnected” are displayed in white text, simply click on that message until scrolling blue bars appear. After a few minutes, the bars will be replaced by the Check for Updates message and SafeSurf will be ready for use.


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