Knowledge Base - Limiting Usage with Device Restrictions

Make rules to manage internet speeds or access for particular devices and Internet Connectors. This gives you control over bandwidth usage for optimizing performance, limiting individuals, and avoiding overages on data plans. Device Restrictions can be used creatively to schedule when children have internet access, cutoff 4G service when approaching monthly limits, and limiting internet speeds or downloads on particular devices. The applications are as diverse as you can imagine.

Configuring Device Restriction:

  1. Go to Usage tab on Control Panel
  2. Ensure that Usage Tracking is On
  3. Select all or a particular Internet Connector or network interface
  4. Select all Devices or a particular one (check Exclude if effect should apply to all other Devices)
  5. Select desired Effect when restriction engages
  6. Set Schedule for when restriction applies
  7. Set Threshold for amount of bandwidth consumed that triggers Effect
  8. Set Reset Interval for timetable that the bandwidth Threshold will be reset on
  9. Click Add


Note that you can enter an IP range into the Device drop-down area if you would prefer to have the rule effect a range of devices. Simply enter the desired range, for example:  (for WiFiRanger ID 775860 as IP addresses are based on the ID number)


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