Knowledge Base - Combining Data Usage Statistics with Bandwidth Groups

Create custom groups of internet sources to combine the total data usage into one viewable and trackable statistic. This helps with keeping track of overall usage of a shared 4G plan that may include a MiFi and multiple smart phones. Instead of only having visibility for each individual device on the shared 4G plan, you can lump the sum of their usage together to accurately avoid overages. Other applications could include simply tracking a single internet source, such as a particular SSID.

Configuring Bandwidth Group:

  1. Go to Usage tab on Control Panel
  2. Ensure that Usage Tracking is On
  3. Enter new Group Name under Bandwidth Groups section
  4. Click Next
  5. Follow on-screen options to combine desired internet sources into Group
  6. Set billing period if desired to reset group usage to zero on set date
  7. Click Save


As an example, in the screen shot below, on the left side the user has defined two of the SSIDs on his Control Panel as being associated with his Verizon cellular account. These could be phone hotspots or MiFi/Jetpack devices, or a combination of devices. In the box on the right, the user has defined a Bandwidth Group labeled "Verizon" which consists of these two cellular SSIDs. All data that flows through either of these connections will be aggregated under the Verizon Group. This makes it easy for the user to keep track of the usage on his account.

Notice that the user has defined this Group so that it includes all data through his Cellular connections, regardless of whether or not they are connected to by the WiFiRanger's Internal WiFi or WFRControl.

To further simplify keeping track of his data usage, the user has entered the day and time that his monthly Verizon account is totaled in the center box. As a result, the data total shown for the Verizon Bandwidth Group should agree with the total as recorded by Verizon Wireless. WiFiRanger can't guarantee that these totals will be identical, but they should be close enough to prevent large excess data charges.

Lastly, the user has defined another Bandwidth Group that he has labeled Park WiFi in the box on the right. By creating this group, he can track his usage of the park's WiFi system, which can be beneficial in parks that limit customer data usage. Again, notice how he has set up the group so that it includes data used through both the Internal WiFi and the WFRControl.


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