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The Multi-WAN Dynamic mode makes it possible to boost the speed of your primary internet source using a secondary source only when needed. For example, this feature would help save Cellular data by using local WiFi as the primary internet source, with a 4G Aircard/MiFi used only when needing extra speed. Conserve data usage on your secondary source but utilize its speed when exceeding a set threshold, such as for streaming video or downloading files. 

Configuring Dynamic:

  1. Select Dynamic for Multi-WAN Mode drop-down on Setup tab
  2. Set Dynamic Threshold at speed which triggers secondary boost
  3. Set Dynamic Threshold Time at time period for average speed to be based on
  4. Check Multi-WAN for each desired Internet Connector
  5. Order Internet Connectors in preferred order (primary at top in 1st position with secondary following)
  6. Click Save
  7. Connect Internet Connectors to internet on Main tab or await automatic connections


It is recommended to set the Dynamic Threshold at a speed which the primary internet source would normally achieve. For instance, if your primary internet source is local WiFi normally at 3Mbps, then set the Dynamic Threshold just under that speed at 2.5Mbps. This means that when you sustain an average of 2.5Mbps+ for the Dynamic Threshold Time specified, your secondary internet source will step in and boost your speeds. The average is rolling, so once the heavy usage is done, and the average speed is less than 2.5Mbps, your secondary connection will no longer be used to boost the speed. 



If watching brief videos online or performing small downloads is taking too long, and only the primary internet source is being used, then you should set the Dynamic Threshold Time to just 1 minute. This means that it will take less time for the average speed to be calculated, therefore using the secondary internet source to boost your speeds sooner. To use your secondary internet source less frequently, conserving its data plan, simply increase the Dynamic Threshold Time to 3 minutes and perhaps increase the Dynamic Threshold slightly. 


Be sure to not increase the Dynamic Threshold higher than what your primary source can sustain, otherwise your secondary source will never boost the speed. The Dynamic Threshold speed must be exceeded for a sustained period of time before the secondary internet source steps in to boost your speed.


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