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The Multi-WAN Load Balance mode makes it possible to spread your data usage across multiple internet connections simultaneously. This feature is very useful for combining the speed and dependability from both WiFi and Cellular. In many cases, the speed of local WiFi networks is slow but the dependability is good. On the other hand, Cellular can often be less stable but much faster. With Load Balancing, the best of both WiFi and Cellular are combined for solid reliability and fast speed. 

When using outdoor and indoor unit in a paired setup, Multi-WAN is even more useful, as your indoor WiFiRanger can be connected to a separate local WiFi source than your outdoor unit, giving you two WiFi Networks. This means you could have one WiFi Network as your primary, while having up to two more combined connections-- one WiFi and one Cellular.

Configuring Load Balance:

  1. Select Load Balance for Multi-WAN Mode drop-down on Setup tab
  2. Check Multi-WAN for each desired Internet Connector
  3. Click Save
  4. Connect Internet Connectors to internet on Main tab or await automatic connections

On the Main tab, all active internet sources will display under the Internet Status which indicates that these sources are Load Balancing.



Performing speedtests on some websites may not work when using Load Balancing as these speedtests are not designed to support multiple internet sources at once. 


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