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Failover is the feature that keeps the WiFiRanger searching for an internet connection. If offline, the WiFiRanger will automatically attempt an Auto Connect when Failover is turned On.  The Auto Connect sequence is determined by the order in which your available internet connections are prioritized.

By default Failover will not be enabled when you first receive your WFR.  This was done intentionally in case you were to power it up in a situation in which no internet connection was available.  Having Failover off prevents the device from going into a redirect loop.

Once you have established as least one internet connection source we recommend turning Failover ON to enable the device to switch between connections as needed.  However, when using highly unstable internet connections it may be preferable to turn Failover OFF to prevent unneeded disconnects.



Created : 2014-03-11 17:02:18, Last Modified : 2016-09-28 22:42:58

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