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Indoor WiFiRanger routers (for example, the Go2, Gore, or GoAC) have a USB port which can be used to power and control a USB modem or to tether a hotspot device or phone.  By default, this port is active (labeled as Cellular on the Setup tab of the Control Panel).  If you do not use this capability it can be deactivated; deactivation will remove the Cellular box from the Main tab of the Control Panel.

Supported USB modems and other devices are on a document which you can find @

The WiFiRanger will identify a connected cellular device in the appropriate box on the Main tab of the Control Panel.  Clicking on the Connect via Cellular will initiate a connection.  


Unsupported Aircards

WiFiRanger routers can recognize and control quite a few modems that are not included in the list of supported aircards.  However, for modems other than those listed it will be necessary for you to obtain the username, password, and APN (access phone number) for your carrier.  In most cases, the APN is a URL not a phone number and the username and password are often common to all modems authorized by that carrier.

For example, when using a modem authorized by on the Rogers cellular network in Canada the APN is "" and both the username and password will be fido.   This information can be entered using the Settings "gear" icon on the cellular line of the Setup tab. (Hide Advanced Features must be off to view these settings)


Canadian Aircards

To use a Canadian USB cellular modem, such as the Rogers RocketStick, with a WiFiRanger it is necessary to know the username, password and APN (access phone number) for the particular carrier.  This information is entered in the Cellular line of the Setup tab after clicking on the "gear" icon in the settings column.  

For example, for Fido modems the username and password are "fido" and the APN is ""


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