Knowledge Base - Accessing Control Panel of WFRControl Unit

Normally, there is no reason for the user to directly address the device being slaved via WFRControl.  

However, if you are using WFRControl to control a WiFiRanger Sky or Mobile, the Ccontrol Panel for the slaved device can be accessed from the Setup tab of the primary router's Control Panel.  On the WFRControl line of the Setup tab click on View Control Panel.  This will open up a new browser tab that displays the Main tab of the slaved device's control panel.  

If your slaved device is broadcasting its SSID you can also access its control panel using the stadard WiFiRanger procedure; the control panel will be located at 10.1XX.YY.1 where the XXYY are the digits in the device ID number of the form "77XXYY".

When accessing the slave device's control panel, references to WiFi will pertain to the slave device's internal WiFi.  As a result, a display "Connected via WiFi" means that the slaved device is connected to a WiFi access point; the Control Panel for the primary device would display "Connected via WFR Control".

The most common reason for accessing the slaved device's control panel is to disable its WiFi broadcast.  Doing this forces all network devices to connect to the primary router's SSID while the device being controlled via WFRControl uses its radio only to connect to the WiFi access point.  By focusing each radio on just one task, data throughput speed is maximized.  If you choose to do this, be sure you don't also turn off the WiFi broadcast for the primary WFR device.


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