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The Auto Connect button on the Main Control Panel tab will initiate an auto connect sequence. How Auto Connect works is determined by the Order of Internet Connectors on the Setup tab, and also by the Range Options on the WiFi tab (requires Hide Advanced Features to be Off on Setup tab). Essentially, the Auto Connect will start by trying the Internet Connector that is first in priority on the Setup tab, then proceed down the list of Internet Connectors until successfully getting online.

Range Options allow you to minimize the amount of networks that the WiFiRanger attempts to wirelessly connect to during the Auto Connect as some locations may simply have too many networks to try in a reasonable amount of time. By setting some limitations around how many networks are tried, or the quality of the network, the Auto Connect button takes less time to complete its process. 

It is not recommended to use the Auto Connect button in all circumstances. Generally, just clicking the Connect button located to the left of the desired WiFi Network is the fastest if you know which network you want to use. However, when you are in a new location, and are unsure of what OPEN WiFi networks are available, it can be easiest to just click Auto Connect and let the WiFiRanger try to automatically get online for you. 


Created : 2014-03-04 17:01:06, Last Modified : 2016-09-29 17:21:14

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