Knowledge Base - Resolve Conflict with FILTERED networks redirecting to Control Panel

On the Setup tab, an option is listed under System Preferences that changes how the WiFiRanger interacts with your web browser when the WiFiRanger is offline. If Control Panel Redirect is On, the WiFiRanger will automatically force your web browser to the Control Panel when the router is offline.  This gives you a direct prompt showing that you are not connected to the internet.  This differentiates this situation from the standard "cannot load this page" message that you receive when your browser cannot access the page you are requesting.

When connecting to FILTERED networks which require agreeing to terms of use or logging in through their system, sometimes Control Panel Redirect will conflict with the attempt of these FILTERED networks to redirect your web browser to their splash page. If clicking on the Click Here to Login link on the Control Panel constantly results in being redirected right back to the Main tab of the Control Panel, then turn Control Panel Redirect to Off on the Setup tab (requires Hide Advanced Features to be turned Off). 

Note that those with an external WiFiRanger that is paired with your indoor WiFiRanger router via WFRControl must also turn off Control Panel Redirect on the Control Panel of the outdoor WiFiRanger. To do this, ensure that Hide Advanced Features is Off on the Setup tab of the indoor WiFiRanger router. Next, click View WFRControl Panel link from the Setup tab fo the indoor WiFiRanger router. This will bring up the Control Panel of the outdoor WiFiRanger. Now turn Control Panel Redirect to Off on the Setup tab of the outdoor WiFiRanger and click Save Changes. 

Once this is done, reboot both the indoor and outdoor WiFiRangers and then connect them back to the FILTERED network. Click the link Click Here to Login once more which should then take you to the login page of the FILTERED network. If this does not work, then try going to a few of your favorite websites, which may trigger the FILTERED network's router to redirect you to its login page. 


Created : 2014-03-03 20:53:14, Last Modified : 2016-09-28 22:58:28

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