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The Ethernet WAN line of the Setup tab provides the ability to connect a internet connection such as a Cable or DSL modem to your network. To manually connect to the Ethernet WAN internet source, click the Connect Ethernet WAN button on the bottom right of the Main tab.

By default Ethernet WAN is Active on the Setup tab. If you have no hardwired internet source you can deactivate this line.  If you wish to connect a legacy WiFiRanger Boost to the WAN port you will need to deactivate this line. When you deactivate the Ethernet WAN line of the Setup tab, the Connect Ethernet WAN button will disappear.

By default the Ethernet port labeled WAN will have been selected for your internet connection. In normal use, we recommend that you not change this but if it is necessary you can change it by clicking on the "gear" in the Settings column on the Ethernet WAN line of the Setup tab.  This will open a dialog by which you can make this change.

For WiFiRanger outdoor products that are using a POE power supply, it is possible to toggle the secondary ethernet port of the adapter to act as either a WAN or LAN port. To have the POE’s peripheral port act as WAN, leave Ethernet WAN checked as Active on the Setup tab. To have it act as LAN, uncheck Ethernet WAN, making it inactive and causing the WiFiRanger to issue DHCP addresses out of that port. This allows for hardwiring via ethernet one device, computer, or switch to the otherwise wireless product. 


Created : 2014-03-03 20:02:23, Last Modified : 2016-10-06 10:37:12

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