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On the WiFi tab, you can customize your WiFiRangers SSID (Service Set Identifier--the identifier broadcast by the router) and its encryption key (password).   When setting up yourWiFiRanger for the first time, it is highly recommended that you change the WPA Key from the default setting. All WiFiRangers have a default password of changemenowXXYY where XXYY are the digits of the device's ID which is of the form 77XXYY.  If you ever have the occasion to perform a reset to factory specifications procedure the default key will be restored.

The default SSID for the private broadcast has the default form Pvt.WiFiRanger[model]XXYY.  Changing the SSID is not required and doesn't improve your security but you are free to do it if you desire.

Once the new password and/or is entered, click the Save button at the bottom left of the Control Panel. This process will terminate your devices connection, as the WiFiRanger will be resetting its broadcast to use the new settings. Once disconnected, reconnect your computer or device to the WiFiRanger and enter the new password.


When you attempt to reconnect to the WiFiRanger after a change in the encryption key you may find that your device (computer or laptop) won't connect because it has stored the previous key.  Depending on your operating system, your device may alert you to this problem and will provide an opportunity for you to provide the new key. Versions of Windows prior to 8.1 provide direct access to the key without waiting for your device to prompt you for a change.  At present, for Windows 8.1 no direct change process is possible.

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