Frequently Asked Question - What new features are contained in the 7.0 firmware release?

What new features are contained in the 7.0 firmware release?

The newly released 7.0 firmware update includes numerous new capabilities for WiFiRanger routers in addition to fixing a variety of issues.

New Features:

  • Multi-WAN

Spread your data usage across multiple internet connections simultaneously which reduces usage on expensive connections (for example, cellular) while creating a more stable, generally faster connection. Multi-WAN can also be configured so that a user's cellular connection is only used as a backup to an RV park's WiFi network, further reducing your cellular usage.

  • Bandwidth Usage

A Usage tab in the Control Panel which enables users to track their data consumption by device and set limits, if desired for usage by specific devices. Data usage can be synced with your cellular billing cycle so you can budget your usage to avoid running over your limit.

  • Safe Surf

Securely browse the web and avoid any local malicious activity by routing all your data through robust servers. This feature creates a secure tunnel through public networks to Safe Surf servers so that no man-in-the-middle attacks can get your valuable information.

  • Social Info

Display your social networking information to other WiFiRanger owners who are in the same vicinity. Make the most of your social lifestyle with new friends and networking. 

  • Pin Static IP Addresses

Users can create static IP addresses for any of the devices on their network with just a keystroke and can add to that an inbound IP address conduit without the need for setting up complicated Port Forwarding.  

These are just the major changes; others will become evident when you start using the software.