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Telling the story of how WiFiRanger began requires looking back long before the Idaho-based company's innovative inception.

airstream trailer
Kelly's 23' Airstream International with over 350,000 miles from his travels

Driving. Towing. Camping. Kelly was hitting the road continually. Towing his 23' Airstream International trailer as he crisscrossed North America, meeting with RV Park owners and installing high-tech WiFi systems for his second startup business venture, NomadISP. Kelly's nimble company was doing what all RV Parks need, providing excellent WiFi coverage for all guests.

Security. Simplicity. Automation. This was the mantra of NomadISP. Not only were they growing one of the most reliable and user-friendly WiFi networks on the continent, but they were also innovating. The wireless equipment and firmware used by NomadISP was of their own invention. Kelly strove for his creative company to make their products foolproof.

After over a decade in the industry, Kelly decided to sell NomadISP to its leading competitor. This was the beginning of WiFiRanger.

Prepared with all the understanding of how wireless works, and how many RV Park owners are unwilling to pay for a quality WiFi system for their guests, Kelly saw his next business opportunity.

Knowing the challenges that RVers faced, Kelly set out to make the most simple, secure, and automatic WiFi solutions for the mobile lifestyle. After years of approaching connectivity from the RV Park side, now it was time to create the product for the end-user. Using his immense professional experience in the RV WiFi industry coupled with an avid love of RVing, Kelly made what was once impossible— staying connected while traveling —easy and quite simple.

WiFiRanger was an Idaho Innovation Awards nominee for Innovative Company of 2011

The first WiFiRanger router was sold back in November of 2010 and WiFiRanger has since continued to flourish, as its innovative and ingenious solutions speak directly to the issues experienced on a daily basis by those with a mobile lifestyle. Now the brand is known by technology experts and bloggers in the mobile lifestyle to offer the most premier and user-friendly connectivity solutions. WiFiRanger has been a strong brand and company for over 7 years, now with 35,000+ units in the field. 

Everyone at WiFiRanger works hard to create and support the most advanced yet easy-to-use wireless products for those with a mobile lifestyle. In acknowledgement of the innovative spirit and success of the WiFiRanger team, the Idaho Innovation Awards nominated WiFiRanger as the Innovative Company of the Year in 2011.

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